Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mental Man

Out of the blue, Konrad got a call from renowned Swiss producer Chris(z) from Tracelements and Zodiac Project. The concept was simple: Chris(z) would brew up some melodic, heavy musical ideas from his mountain top studio in Switzerland and Konrad would compose lyrics and melodies from his underground urban Illinois US bunker. Chris(z) laid down the musical foundation with guitars, beats, bass and synth; Konrad penned and crooned. Tracks were traded and sounds were swapped, resulting in the single "Mental Man" that now surfaces. The single is doing incredibly well on Swiss national radio.

The Tracelements full length album "Star Trekking" will be released December 15th 2008 and features the "Mental Man" single. The album will be available in a deluxe digipack edition. The record goes out together with the new film of the mountain climber R. Nottaris called "Appointment with Shackleton".

Tracelements on myspace

Tracelements :: Mental Man (featuring Konrad)

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