Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Robot USA or Experimental Aircraft

Robot USA is an experimental aircraft; a testing ground of sorts for Konrad to try out new gizmo-manipulations and sound-sorcery. While the majority of Konrad tracks are routinely vocal-based, the Robot USA material tends towards the instrumental. Ten years have passed since the first Robot USA album was released. Since that time three presidents have held the position of Commander in Chief in the USA, two (declared) wars have broken out and global economies have shape-shifted. Perhaps ten years from now, machines will rise up and the singularity will go from science fiction to science fact. Until that time...

1) Robot USA - Ill Style
2) Robot USA - Captain Bomb
3) Robot USA - Ketchup and Mustard
4) Robot USA - Time Machine
5) Robot USA - Muzack for the Death Starr (Movement II)

Purchase the entire album:
Robot USA 1+1=11 available in MP3 format from iTunes

Robot USA 1+1=11 available in MP3 format from Amazon.com

Robot USA 1+1=11 available in CD and MP3 format from CDBaby

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